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SMS gateway for Android powered phones
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Welcome to *"SMSSync"*, its an android application that turns your android powered phone into an SMS gateway. It main use could be to push SMSes that come to the phone to a website you configure the application to send them to. You could filter out which messages to push to the website based on keywords or tags 


* To start the SMSSync Gateway, you'll need to specify a callback URL. This URL is where all incoming text messages will be transmitted to.
* For security you can specify at secret at the callback URL. If the secret doesn't match, the callback URL will ignore the transmission.
* Additionally, you can specify keywords with which to filter incoming messages. Only matching text messages will be sent to the SMSSync Gateway URL.

* The SMSSync sends the following variables via the POST method: 
    * *from*
    * *message*
    * *secret*

* In order for SMSSync to account for perfect transmission, the callback URL needs to give back a formatted JSON string such as its shown below to indicate if it received the message or not.
   * *Succeeded* 
            - payload: {
                success: "false"
   * *Failed*
            - payload: {
                success: "false"
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