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Sweeper deployment for Ushahidi curation for Nigerian Election Aggregation Team at MIT and GaTech.
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SwiftRiver Sweeper v0.3.0

Sweeper is an intelligent media curation tool with filters for managing real-time feeds of information. You can find out more at -

Find us on Github -

NOTE: This is still a beta software product. We recommend not using it in critical scenarios without further consultation. Contact us at with additional questions or feedback.


This is the development branch of Sweeper for the upcoming V0.3 release.

Some of the jazzy new features you can expect from this upcoming release are:

  • Tag-based navigation of content
  • Content grouping
  • Dashboard Analytics


If you are a developer interested in contributing to Sweeper then there are a few things to note before you jump in and start coding. First be sure to read this overview -

The master branch will always be the latest stable release of the app so unless you like living life dangerously this is the best place to start:

$ git clone git://

With the app code checked out you still need to perform the following steps before you can start local development:

$ cd Sweeper
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Why do we do this? Well, Sweeper is just one app that runs on the Swiftriver framework. To allow this to all happen, the framework has its own repository and is brought into this project using the git-submodule facility.

Once you have done this, you will have all the code required to run and change Sweeper!


  • Apache 1.3 or greater
  • PHP 5.3 or higher
  • PHP Pear Extensions
  • MySQL 4.0 or higher

Further details on this release can be found at -


  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • IE7+
  • Chrome


Documentation -

Installation -

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