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$lang = array (
'date' => 'Ingress date',
'date_added' => 'Date Added',
'last_access' => 'Last Access',
'sharing_color' => array(
'length' => 'The color field must be 6 characters long.',
'required' => 'The color field is required.',
'sharing_name' => array(
'length' => 'The Sharing name does not appear to be valid?',
'required' => 'A Sharing name is required.',
'sharing_url' => array(
'exists' => 'The site url already exists',
'length' => 'The site url does not appear to be valid?',
'required' => 'The site url is required.',
'url' => 'The site url field does not appear to contain a valid URL?',
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