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Change HTML Editor #815

aoduor opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Current HTML Editor doesn't allow for addition/editing of source code e.g. adding link tags to custom pages doesn't work anymore

Feedback from crowdmap deployer who REALLY needs this feature


making this P1 given the havoc this causes


Feedback from Crowdmap deployer

Hello support!

Palestine Crisis Map (crowdmap) and Stay Human (standalone) deployments desperately need an upgraded html editor.
At minimum, we need to be able to edit Pages with images, without losing the Page upon Edit>Save. Our current editing workaround is recreating Pages we need to edit from scratch, using as baseline copies of current Page code we've saved externally.

Ideally, in addition to an editable Pages, we'd like to be able to embed widgets such as Google Earth kml viewer, and mp3 audio Flash player. (Google Earth KML viewer was displayable in Ushahidi Crowdmap page, via

@srutto srutto was assigned

The html editor should allow for adding/inserting of images to the pages.

@rjmackay rjmackay referenced this issue from a commit in rjmackay/Ushahidi_Web
@rjmackay rjmackay Revert "Changing HTML editor from jwysiwyg to redactor #815"
This reverts commit c2d0e86.
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