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upgrade.sql Upgrade SQL for MHI from DB v22-23
upgrade100-101.sql Ushahidi 2.6 - Tripoli
upgrade101-102.sql Merge remote-tracking branch 'ushahidi/master' into develop
upgrade102-103.sql Fix upgrade102-103.sql to work with DB prefixes
upgrade103-104.sql Adding indexes based on @jetherton's blog post to speed up sql queries
upgrade104-105.sql Make SQL upgrade104-105.sql repeatable
upgrade105-106.sql Fix #906 - make form_field.field_default TEXT column
upgrade106-107.sql Version 2.7
upgrade107-108.sql 2.7.1 - Bug Fix Release
upgrade108-109.sql Updating SQLs with new permission
upgrade109-110.sql fixed sql syntax
upgrade11-12.sql Didn't realize we already hit revision 12. Changing current version t…
upgrade110-111.sql SQL Update to remove ci_cumulus
upgrade111-112.sql Fix sql upgrade 111-112 - missing statement to set db_version
upgrade112-113.sql Version 2.7.2
upgrade113-114.sql Moved Feed Category to a setting
upgrade114-115.sql Re-shuffling sql files
upgrade115-116.sql Re-shuffling sql files
upgrade116-117.sql Version 2.7.3
upgrade117-118.sql add option for admin to change the maximum upload size for photos in …
upgrade118-119.sql Version 2.7.4
upgrade12-13.sql Didn't realize we already hit revision 12. Changing current version t…
upgrade13-14.sql Added incident db indices to ushahidi.sql
upgrade14-15.sql Database version numbers need to be advanced to 15.
upgrade15-16.sql * Finished setting up contact page and help page that can be enabled/…
upgrade16-17.sql * Added admin email notifications for new reports, comments, emails &…
upgrade17-18.sql * Fixed sql merge issue
upgrade18-19.sql * SQL revision no.
upgrade19-20.sql * Started working on Geocoder library to be extended
upgrade20-21.sql * Fixed issue with category in remote stats non-existent in local DB
upgrade21-22.sql added missing sql file
upgrade22-23.sql Fixed a database bug where the database field wasn't big enough. No D…
upgrade23-24.sql * New report_stats filter
upgrade24-25.sql More fixed to auto upgrader
upgrade25-26.sql * Update default Map Base Layer
upgrade26-27.sql Merge branch 'master' of into 2.0
upgrade27-28.sql Removing the ability to download Direct Messages from Twitter since t…
upgrade28-29.sql * DB Update for Users/Roles/Permissions
upgrade29-30.sql * Added the missing site_message sql
upgrade30-31.sql * Completed trusted reporter section
upgrade31-32.sql * Updates to page caching
upgrade32-33.sql * Updates to page caching
upgrade33-34.sql * Decoupled FrontlineSMS and Clickatell
upgrade34-35.sql * added db version statement to the sql 34-35 update
upgrade35-36.sql Added database version update statement
upgrade36-37.sql * More updates to alerts
upgrade37-38.sql * Added plugin_priority that will be needed in the very near future
upgrade38-39.sql * Added missing sql update
upgrade39-40.sql Setting the proper sql version.
upgrade40-41.sql * Removed the alert_category trigger - might cause issues with some DB's
upgrade41-42.sql Increased the size of the api_parameters column in api_log to prevent…
upgrade42-43.sql Fixed issue #1666 - Required schema change on the `roles` table and s…
upgrade43-44.sql * New Geometries Feature!!!! - to preview go to: http://img.ushahidi.…
upgrade44-45.sql * Added the option for Taller/Wider Map while editing reports in Admin
upgrade45-46.sql Support for private deployments.
upgrade46-47.sql * Dashboard now only reflects current users stats
upgrade47-48.sql * Added more geometry features
upgrade48-49.sql Introducing user colors (for use in themes, plugins, etc).
upgrade49-50.sql Further checkins development. Checkins are now configurable. Added ex…
upgrade50-51.sql * Removed pending references to Laconica
upgrade51-52.sql Bug #224:Stale schema records
upgrade52-53.sql * Added Category Sorting in Admin
upgrade53-54.sql * Final Updates to Blocks Feature
upgrade54-55.sql Fix upgrade54-55.sql to work with the auto upgrader #886
upgrade55-56.sql Fix upgrade 55-56 #886
upgrade56-57.sql Bumping up version in upgrade script.
upgrade57-58.sql Merge branch 'v2.1' of
upgrade58-59.sql Merge branch 'v2.1' of
upgrade59-60.sql * Final update to Facebook module
upgrade60-61.sql * Adding more actions including on specific counts
upgrade61-62.sql * Adding more actions including on specific counts
upgrade62-63.sql Badges and User Profiles.
upgrade63-64.sql Added custom banners for headers, uploadable in admin site settings. …
upgrade64-65.sql Remove corrupt unicode whitespace in upgrade64-65.sql #886
upgrade65-66.sql Fix corrupt upgrade65-66.sql file #772
upgrade66-67.sql Giving deployers the ability to store most of the content uploaded on…
upgrade67-68.sql Bumping up SQL version.
upgrade68-69.sql Changing maximum length for usernames to 100. Closes ticket number 23…
upgrade69-70.sql First round of adding commenting to checkins in the API. Changing wha…
upgrade70-71.sql RiverID Authentication Support
upgrade71-72.sql Companion bugfix for #270 preventing errors on upgrade for databases …
upgrade72-73.sql Close #322. Child categories of parent category that was reassigned t…
upgrade73-74.sql Closes #267. Listing reports imported without categories + minor fix …
upgrade74-75.sql Make sure main admin can login is confirm emails is set.
upgrade75-76.sql Added the ability to put a site in maintenance mode via the database …
upgrade76-77.sql Update version to 2.2 in config files and DB
upgrade77-78.sql Close #322. Child categories of parent category that was reassigned t…
upgrade78-79.sql Bump version to 2.2.1
upgrade79-80.sql Closes #375 and Closes #376. Implementing changes on Ushahidi DB + Ad…
upgrade80-81.sql Adding db version step up in the db 80-81 upgrade
upgrade81-82.sql Add setting to add icon for all categories. Closes #413
upgrade82-83.sql Pulling Geo Data From Tweets
upgrade83-84.sql Adds Bing Maps
upgrade84-85.sql Closes #313 . Change the term 'orphaned' to uncategorized
upgrade85-86.sql Adjusting files affected by a code release.
upgrade86-87.sql Bump version to 2.3.1
upgrade87-88.sql Bump version to 2.3.2 and db version to 88
upgrade88-89.sql Fix custom forms visibility - all fields were showing regardless of t…
upgrade89-90.sql Changing files needed for a release
upgrade90-91.sql Bump version to 2.4.1
upgrade91-92.sql Better handling of complex SQL files we upgrading with prefixes #772
upgrade92-93.sql Better handling of complex SQL files we upgrading with prefixes #772
upgrade93-94.sql Better handling of complex SQL files we upgrading with prefixes #772
upgrade94-95.sql Re-numbering the upgrade scripts to create room for a 2.4.x upgrade
upgrade95-96.sql Re-numbering the upgrade scripts to create room for a 2.4.x upgrade
upgrade96-97.sql Version 2.5
upgrade97-98.sql Remove NONE category #607
upgrade98-99.sql Returning index creation in sql upgrade files. Bearing in mind those …
upgrade99-100.sql Closes #866 . Alter form_field structure by removing dormant field_op…
ushahidi.sql Version 2.7.4
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