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@ushbot ushbot released this Oct 1, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

This release is a major upgrade and replaces Kohana with Lumen.

Migration guide


Ushahidi now requires PHP >= 7.0 - < 7.2

Database config changes

The database configuration vars have been renamed.

Old var New var

New Configuration keys

Var Comments
CACHE_DRIVER Supported options are file, redis and memcached. Read more about Lumen's cache configuration and options here


bin/ushahidi will be deprecated in future versions. You should use artisan instead.

Command name changes

CLI commands have been renamed. If you had cronjobs set up to run dataproviders, etc you will need to update those

Old command New command
bin/ushahidi dataprovider incoming artisan datasource:incoming
bin/ushahidi savedsearch artisan savedsearch:sync
bin/ushahidi notification queue artisan notification:queue
bin/ushahidi dataprovider outgoing artisan datasource:outgoing
bin/ushahidi dataprovider webhook send artisan webhook:send
bin/ushahidi user create artisan user:create
bin/ushahidi user delete artisan user:delete
bin/ushahidi config get artisan config:get
bin/ushahidi config set artisan config:set
bin/ushahidi export artisan export
bin/ushahidi import artisan import

Filesystem changes

Uploaded files have moved from application/media/upload to storage/app. You should move any existing files to the new location.

If you used a CDN for file storage, you should configure the FILESYSTEM_DRIVER variable in your .env file. Then review config/filesystems.php to find the other config parameters, the old CDN_... params have be renamed.

Old configuration files

Old configuration files in application/config are now obsolete. These are not either located in config/, or configured through environment vars (ie. .env)

Platform Client

To use this version of the platform API, you will need to update your version of the platform-client to use the same release version.

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Cycle 7 release - bug fixes & usability enhancements

  • BUG: CSV Export history should ONLY show exports from the logged in user
  • Add a link to Permissions Documentation on Roles page
  • Replace reports" with "posts"
  • Sort Collections by reverse-chronological order by default
  • Add Manage Collections & Saved Searches" permission to allow users to manage saved searches and collections"
  • Rename IMPORT permission to be IMPORT & EXPORT to match functionality
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@rowasc rowasc released this Jul 11, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

This release includes several security fixes to the platform. Listed in no particular order:

platform#1596 - Secure Credentials Leak: sanitize HTTP headers sent to sentry.
platform#1606 - Length of Password is Not Validated After Reset: validate the password lenght on password reset.
platform#1607 - Lack of Bruteforce Protection new user: send a HTTP 429 response if the rate limit is reached due to multiple requests to the registration endpoint.
platform#1610- Missing X-XSS-Protection HTTP Header: add the HTTP header in the response as: X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block. Please note that for OSS deployers (not in, you will need to update your ngnix or apache configuration. The updated configuration templates are available at platform-release.
platform#1617 - Role Creation and Permission Assignment: verify if a user is a paid or non-paid member of before creating roles.
platform#1618 - Internal Server Error While Uploading Photo: prevent upload errors from disclosing information about the underlying host where the images are located
USH-016 - SSL Cookie Without Secure Flag Set: Set the Secure flag for all cookies that are being communicated over a secure channel.

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@rjmackay rjmackay released this Apr 5, 2018


Migration info:

  • If you have customized configuration for media, ratelimiter or cdn we recommend moving this configuration to the .env file. New .env params are
    • MEDIA_MAX_UPLOAD - maximum file upload size in bytes
    • RATELIMITER_CACHE - type of ratelimiter to use. See application/config/ratelimiter.php.
    • New CDN params - see application/config/cdn.php
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@rjmackay rjmackay released this Apr 5, 2018


  • Fix switching to right-to-left layout when using right-to-left languages #1020
  • Fix styling on terms of service modal #1040
  • Fix check for lock permissions #1041
  • Fix issue loading map tiles #1045
  • Fix ordering of fields in post editor to match order configured for survey #1044
  • Fix validation of title field in survey settings #1049
  • Fix lat / lon fields in post editor not being updated when location is changed on the map #1056
  • Fix handling of errors when pulling users current location #1056
  • Fix bug creating new categories with colliding slugs (aka short name) #1058


  • Link to share on twitter now opens in a new window #1004
  • Show posts as 'anonymous' when author info is unavailable #1047
  • Allow re-order post title and description fields #1044
  • List location lat/lon values on post detail view #1056
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@rjmackay rjmackay released this Apr 5, 2018 · 16 commits to master since this release

Release v3.9.0
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@ushbot ushbot released this Nov 14, 2017 · 18 commits to master since this release


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@ushbot ushbot released this Sep 15, 2017 · 22 commits to master since this release


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