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SwiftMeme v0.2.0


SwiftMeme is a source discovery and keyword monitoring tool for tracking memes online.


Architectural Diagram

Internal Dependencies

External Dependencies

Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) Installation Instructions


Run the following at the command line:

wget -qO- --no-check-certificate | sudo bash


  1. Install the necessary Debian packages.
    apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-wsgi memcached python-pip git

  2. Install the necessary Python packages.
    pip install Flask oauth2 python-memcached

  3. Create a user for SwiftMeme processes to run as.
    adduser --disabled-password --gecos "" swiftmeme

  4. Create a local clone of the application.
    git clone /var/www/swiftmeme

  5. Replace the default Apache configuration with the bundled one.
    cp /var/www/swiftmeme/deploy/debian/000-default /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

  6. Tell Apache to reload its configuration.
    /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

  7. Copy the example SwiftMeme configuration file for customisation.
    cp /var/www/swiftmeme/api/ /var/www/swiftmeme/api/

  8. Open the configuration file in vim.
    vim /var/www/swiftmeme/api/

Apache Configuration

<VirtualHost *:80>
 Alias /static/ /var/www/swiftmeme/static/
 AliasMatch ^/$ /var/www/swiftmeme/static/index.html
 AliasMatch ^/dashboard$ /var/www/swiftmeme/static/dashboard.html
 WSGIDaemonProcess swiftmeme user=swiftmeme group=swiftmeme threads=5
 WSGIScriptAlias / /var/www/swiftmeme/api/swiftmeme.wsgi
  • If your application is installed in a different directory than /var/www/swiftmeme, please modify the path accordingly, both in the Apache configuration and in the WSGI handler (swiftmeme.wsgi).
  • You need a user set up for the SwiftMeme process to run as. In the above, we assume both the user and group will be swiftmeme.



  • Charl van Niekerk (Front End and Back End Development)
  • Joe Zhou (Design and Front End Development)
  • Jon Gosier (Creative Input and Inspiration)
  • Matthew Griffiths (Architecture and Inspiration)


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