This plugin allows a user to a feed a bucket into an Ushahidi deployment
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Ushahidi Plugin for SwiftRiver

The Ushahidi plugin for SwiftRiver is a tool that enables SwiftRiver users to push their buckets to an Ushahidi deployment. It provides a web UI where a user can:

  • Manage the deployments that they would like to push drops to
  • Configure a bucket to push its drops to a specific deployment and report category

This plugin is only compatible with 2.5+ of the Ushahidi platform.

Installing and using the plugin

  • To install/activate the plugin, go to the the Plugins tab in the Site Settings section

    Activating the plugin

    Once activated, an Ushahidi tab will be added on your dashboard. It is from this tab (Ushahidi) that you add the Ushahidi deployments. The deployments listed on this tab will be available to all your buckets.

    User dashboard - Ushahidi tab

    NOTE: To add a deployment, the SwiftRiver plugin for Ushahidi must be installed on the deployment(s) you want to push drops do

  • Next, select the bucket (from the buckets listing) you want to push to Ushahidi and go to the Bucket Settings page. On the bucket's page, select the Ushahidi tab and configure the deployment and report category you to push to.

    Configuring a bucket to push its drops to Ushahidi

    NOTE: A bucket can only push to one report category

Configuring the drops poster

The drops poster pushes buckets that have been configured to push their drops to an Ushahidi deployment. To schedule the posting of drops to Ushahidi every day at midnight, add the following lines to your crontab:

* 0 * * * cd <app home>; php5 index.php --task=ushahidi:push >> application/logs/post2ushahidi.log 2>&1


To contribute to this plugin, please fork the repository and submit a pull request (tagged against an issue #).

Copyright and license

Copyright 2012 Ushahidi Inc

Licensed under Affero General Public License (AGPL), version 3.0: