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name: Mobile Edition
description: Mobile Accessible Version of Ushahidi
-version: 0.9.4
+version: 1.0.0
requires: 2.0
-tested up to: 2.0
+tested up to: 2.2
author: David Kobia
author website:
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2. Activate the plugin.
== Changelog ==
+** Many thanks to Penny Leach and Marga Keuvelaar, and work done on the Christchurch Earthquake map. **
+- Moved recent reports and recent news back to homepage instead of category page
+- Fixed the result listing page for category drill down instead of searching
+- Fixed the name of the category param
+- Added categories to the view, enabled select box
+- Fixing the last update bug on category result pages
+- Fixed the date and added the updated date
+- Adding a filter bar
+- Sesults screen: added filtering for distance & category, and ordering options
+- Switched the mobile geocoding radius to the Haversine forumla
+- Don't execute SQL and render results when there is no location
+- Fixed pagination query and total result information
+- Location sensitive result list
+- Simplify mobile report submission
+- Added the categories page to the breadcrumb on a report page
+- Added the breadcrumb to a reports list to go back to the categories list
+- Adding a new page for the result list of the reports search.
+- Replaced dynamic google map on mobile result page with static map.
+- Moved the categories display to a new page (/mobile/categories)
+- Simplified the home page
+- Updated dates to be more consistent, using a style like '13:45 Feb 24'. Closes #20.
+- Fixed mobile nav
+- LOTS of other fixes, and layout tweaks
- More fixes to prevent API call inteference
- Mobile hook interfered with api calls
-- Modified to work with the latest version of 2.0
+- Modified to work with the latest version of 2.0

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