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EasyOPOA FrameWork

EasyOPOA is a framework OPOA program development progresses, program development for the OPOA define the concept of a complete set of standards and norms. Just a few simple configuration that is capable of fast, flexible, high-quality OPOA development program. Can help you quickly and easily build a complex like Gmail single page program.

EasyOPOA framework from the global level, the depth of analysis and a new understanding of the OPOA procedures, program development for the OPOA define the concept of a complete set of standards and norms. Face of traditional OPOA development, EasyOPOA framework of disorderly orderly, of decentralized to centralized, uniform of confusion as to provide a comprehensive and flexible framework layer support for program development OPOA level.

EasyOPOA framework of traditional disorderly OPOA program development were highly abstract, the EasyOPOA each request as a "**Hash action instances (Hash Action Instance) **", and the configuration associated with the request to "**OPOA instance (OPOA Instance) **"in the form of packages:

EasyOPOA frameWork structure

Hash Action work step: EasyOPOA Hash Action Instance work

Main features:

  1. Support action to locate and solve the problem OPOA action orientation program, to achieve save bookmarks stored, allowing users to share links collection. In the same URL can be loaded with different requests through different hash action.

  2. Supported browser forward and back, to solve OPOA program forward and back using a browser problem (need HTML5 support, low version of the browser is compatible strategies adopted hash, the user is completely transparent).

  3. Support search engines to crawl the content of the program and included OPOA solve OPOA program in the search engines can not crawl difficulties. Combined RSP (Rich Server Page, rich server-side page design / fat server design, and thin server-side design of the corresponding conventional OPOA) is designed to provide a more friendly SEO optimization.

  4. Support in a number of different areas to achieve OPOA One Page page, you can use multiple independent OPOA programs in different areas of a page.

  5. Supports the use of data parameters (routing configuration), so that the action matching more flexible RESTful style to achieve the client advanced custom action in the action.

  6. Support action memory function, can record the action last visited achieve OPOA motor recovery.

  7. Support AMD(Asynchronous Module Definition) specification

  8. Compatible with various browsers (Trident, Gecko, Webkit, Presto), support for multi-platform systems and applications (PC, TabletPC, Mobile).



  1. 支持动作定位,解决了OPOA程序的动作定位问题,能够实现存书签存储,使用户可以收藏分享链接。能够在同一个URL下通过不同hash动作加载不同请求。

  2. 支持浏览器前进后退,解决OPOA程序利用浏览器前进后退问题(需要HTML5支持,低版本浏览器采取hash兼容策略,使用者完全透明化)。

  3. 支持搜索引擎对OPOA程序的内容抓取和收录,解决了OPOA程序的在搜索引擎中无法抓取的难点。结合RSP(Rich Server Page,富服务器端页面设计/胖服务器端设计,与传统OPOA的瘦服务器端设计对应)设计可提供更友好的SEO优化方案。

  4. 支持在One Page页面多个不同区域实现OPOA,可以在一个页面的不同区域使用多个独立OPOA程序。

  5. 支持在动作中使用数据参数(路由配置),让动作匹配更加灵活,在客户端实现RESTful风格的高级动作自定义。

  6. 支持动作记忆功能,能够记录最后访问的动作,实现OPOA动作恢复。

  7. 支持AMD规范

  8. 同时兼容各种浏览器(Trident、Gecko、Webkit、Presto),支持多系统和平台应用(PC,TabletPC,Mobile)。

[The official home page]( The official home page')


If you have more comments, suggestions or ideas, please contact me.






OPOA Framework,OPOA standards setters(English)






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