An autohotkey script that allows you to use emacs-like key bindings on Windows environment
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Allows you to use emacs-like key bindings on Windows environment.

This script is written in AutoHotkey (AHK) and has been maintained since Sep 21, 2007.

Supported keybindings

Keybinding Function(Emacs Lisp)
C-Space set-mark-command
C-@ set-mark-command
C-x C-f find-file
C-x C-s save-buffer
C-x C-c kill-emacs
C-d delete-char
C-h delete-backward-char
C-k kill-line
C-o open-line
C-g quit
C-j newline-and-indent
C-m newline
C-i indent-for-tab-command
C-s isearch-forward
C-r isearch-backward
C-w kill-region
M-w kill-ring-save
C-y yank
C-/ undo
C-a move-beginning-of-line
C-e move-end-of-line
C-p previous-line
C-n next-line
C-f forward-char
C-b backward-char
C-v scroll-down
M-v scroll-up

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