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🧨 Experimental Node.js based Static Site Generator for


I built v1 in 2018 to test out bunch of new web platform features and best practices (see blog post here and the snapshot branch) but ended up not maintainig things. Time passed and now in 2022, I thought of posting a new blog post and found out that many of the Node.js related libraries I was using were deprecated and/or needed update... and was stuck in an endless loop of fixing dependencies 🤮

node meme

I'm now like, nah, let's just build another one 🤣 and here's the v2. The concepts of this new system are:

  • To build a Node.js Static Site Generator, do not use 3P libraries (or at least try not to because I'm fed up with this dependency hell). The only library I ended up using was the one related to image optimization b/c I was not smart enough to build an image processor myself.
  • But being able to build components as a "single file component" - having HTML, CSS and JavaScript (if needed) in a single file (really, w/o using any libraries like htm) and use it to make templates...
  • but only using pure ES6 syntax, no jsx and such...
  • with the ablity to have all scripts and styles inlined, treeshaked, minified...
  • but for simplicity w/o using any 3P bundlers (b/c that does add on 3P dependencies!)...
  • and can be maitaned and publishing new articles by just writing markdowns.

This time, I'm not that much pickie in the Lighthouse scores, the best practices and thriving in making it work in all the browsers (i.e. the site doesn't transpile scripts and uses flex/grid styles w/o polyfil so it's basically for modern browsers that supports ES6 and such but I did test in IE11😛). I know things are not beautiful and far from perfection, but let's face it, that's life. Just make it work and I'm happy 🙌

For my own sake


The default buld destination is ./public. There are several options

  • Build everything
npm run build
  • Build articles only (since image optimization is not instant)
npm run build-article
  • Build images only
npm run build-image

Testing & deploying

Still using Firebase but now only using hosting and getting rid of functions.

npm run dev
  • Deploy
npm run prod

How the Static Site Generator is built (Super high level summary)

The core implementation is under ./framework

  • /component: "single file component"s. You can extend Component (from component.js) to build your own component. Override getHtml(), getCss() and getJs(). For getHTML() return a String. Use the template literal tag this.html, this.js and this.css. Similary, there's getMeta() and this.meta. If you'd like to include other components to build a new component, use this.use(new SomeComponentYouWantToUse()) to get the html string and include that directly in the getHtml()'s template literal. I recommend to use VSCode extensions like es6-string-html and es6-string-javascript to make the component readable.
import { Component } from './component.js';
export class Example extends Component {
  getCss() {
    return this.css`
      .example {
        width: 100%;
        height: 50px;
        display: none;
  getJs() {
    return this.js`
      window.addEventListener('load', _ => {
        document.querySelector('.example').style = 'block';
  getHtml() {
    const name = 'uskay';
    return this.html`
      <div class="example">
        My name is ${name}
  • /route: everything related to page templates
  • /build: build scripts are there. Extend the Task class (from task.js) to add build related scripts and remember to add them to the task-runner.js.

./blog is the directory to write & store your blog post. There should be individual folders per each article and add a markdown file and img/ for images to publish a post. settings.json is for the settings (obviously).


Codes are Apache 2.0