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cPanel Importer: Cater domains outside document root
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usmannasir committed Aug 24, 2019
1 parent eefaf46 commit cbf4f2f5fe0c57f5dcc894d2029df3959215ea10
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@@ -440,7 +440,15 @@ def CreateChildDomains(self):
movePath = '%s/homedir/public_html/%s' % (
CompletPathToExtractedArchive, ChildDocRoot.replace(self.documentRoot, '', 1).replace('/', ''))

shutil.move(movePath, path)
print movePath

if os.path.exists(movePath):
shutil.move(movePath, path)
movePath = '%s/homedir/%s' % (
CompletPathToExtractedArchive, ChildDocRoot.split('/')[-1].replace(self.documentRoot, '', 1).replace('/', ''))
print movePath
shutil.move(movePath, path)

command = 'chown -R %s:%s %s' % (externalApp, externalApp, path)

2 comments on commit cbf4f2f


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@w3servicesdotnet w3servicesdotnet replied Aug 24, 2019

Not working. As subdomain data moving to inside but its not listed on subdomain list.


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@usmannasir usmannasir replied Aug 24, 2019

in CyberPanel child domains are always inside the master domain. Above fix will only cater on cPanel site.

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