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Federal Register 2.0
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Federal Register 2.0

The Federal Register at your fingertips.


The FR 2.0 web site is similar to a daily web newspaper, with a clear layout and new tools to guide readers to the most popular topics and relevant documents. The site displays individual news sections for Money, Environment, World, Science & Technology, Business & Industry, and Health & Public Welfare. FR 2.0 has greatly improved navigation and search tools and highlights each agency's significant rules. The new web site takes advantage of social media and integrates seamlessly with and the Unified Agenda to make it easy for users to submit comments directly into the official e-Rulemaking docket, and view the history of rulemaking activity through a regulatory timeline.

The site was built by David Augustine, Bob Burbach, and Andrew Carpenter of Critical Juncture, using the GovPulse application as a starting point. It is released as an open source project.


First, you'll need Ruby, Bundler, Rails 2.3.x, the Sphinx search engine, MySQL, and the ruby MySQL bindings.

git clone git://
cd fr2
git submodule update --init

Then you'll need to create the following files based on the examples:

  • config/database.yml
  • config/secrets.yml


bundle install
rake db:create
rake db:migrate

To fetch data, you'll need to run

rake data:daily DATE=2010-07-26

To start up the application, simply run


Contact us at if you run into any trouble; we'll revise these instructions as necessary to make it easier.


FR2 is released under the Affero GPL v3, which requires that the source code be made available to any network user of the application. So while we encourage you to fork and run your own copies of this application, any changes you make need to be shared with their users. Note that this does not allow the use of the official logos or the icons.

govpulse itself is copyrighted by David Augustine, Robert Burbach, and Andrew Carpenter.

A variety of external software libraries are included with this software; they are all open source, and suitable for use where this application is.

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