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Common data format specification for cast vote records
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Voting - Cast Vote Records(CVR) CDF Specification

This directory holds cast vote record (CVR) specification common data format and related information and files that are being created by NIST and collaborators.

The CVR specification supports 3 general use cases:

  1. Interoperable exports of CVRs from devices such as scanners, DREs (direct record electronic), or other devices that create CVRs and perform contest rule post-processing. Resultant interoperable import into tabulators, such as election management systems (EMS), or import into auditing systems, or import into adjudication systems.

  2. Interoperable exports of aggregated collections of CVRs from aggregating devices such as EMS.

  3. Interoperable export of CVRs from adjudication devices.

The UML model and JSON schema are under development but expected to be finalized in time to be considered in the next VVSG under development by NIST and the Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

The nist-pages branch holds documentation files for an HTML version located on

Contact John P. Wack for questions and more information.

Repo Structure

Name Description
CastVoteRecords_UML_Documentation_files Images of UML classes UML Documentation
CastVoteRecords.png Image of Cast Vote Records model
DRAFT NIST 1500-103 CVR Specification 2018-11-29.docm Word version of CVR specification
DRAFT NIST 1500-103 CVR Specification 2018-11-29.pdf PDF version of CVR specification
example_*.xml Full listing of examples referenced in specification
NIST V1.0 - CastVoteRecords.xml MagicDraw UML Model
NIST_V0_cast_vote_records.json JSON Schema
NIST_V0_cast_vote_records.xsd XML Schema
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