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Election process model development
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Election Model.bpmn2
Election Modeling.pptx
MagicDraw Election Model.xml
MagicDraw Semantic Model.xml

Election Modeling

The nist-pages branch of this repository holds documentation files for an HTML version located on


Name Description
DMN Business Process Models in Decision Model Notation
OWL Semantic Model in Web Ontology Language
XPDL Business Process Models in XML Process Definition Language Format
Election Model.bpmn2 Business Process Models in BPMN2 XMI Format
Election Modeling.pptx Business Modeling using Erikson
EP_Profile.xml Eriksson-Penker Profile for MagicDraw
MagicDraw Election Model.xml Election Models in MagicDraw Format
MagicDraw Semantic Model.xml Semantic Model in MagicDraw CCM Format
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