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Manufacturer Usage Description Profiling for IoT. A tool for analyzing and profiling IoT devices.
Python TSQL
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upaulnight Integrated N/S and E/W filters for the communications window. Impleme…
…nted limits on the number of packets to show. Also fleshed out other filters for limited view to traffic either between the specified devices, or any traffic involving at least one of the selected devices.
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(MUD Profiling for IoT)

A tool for Profiling IoT devices particularly for use with MUD

N.B. This tool is still in the development phase, and has only been tested on Linux and macOS.


  1. Python 3.7.2+

    • Check version

      shell> python3 --version
    • Install/Update:

      shell> brew install python3


      shell> sudo apt-get install python3.7


      Follow instructions at

  2. MySQL

    1. If only want MySQL Community Server

      Follow directions at

    2. MySQL Workbench [recommended]

      Follow directions at

  3. pip

    shell> sudo apt-get install python3-pip
  4. Tkinter for Python3

    shell> sudo apt-get install python3-tk
  5. LibPcap

    Used for generating packet captures to import into the database and tool

    Linux: ``apt-get install tcpdump''
    OSX: readily available by default.
    Windows: follow instructions at:


  1. Install tool

    shell> git clone
    shell> cd MUDPI
    shell> pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  2. Create MySQL Database:

    1. MySQL Server:

      Follow directions at

      shell> mysql -u username -p
      mysql> CREATE DATABASE <your_db_name>;
      mysql> USE <your_db_name>
      Database changed
      shell> mysql -h host -u user -p <your_db_name>
      Enter password: ********
    2. MySQL Workbench

      Follow directions at


shell> python3
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