Added start-up check. If in multi-user mode then the property defaultTestSession must be set.

Summer CAS

@iheos iheos released this Jun 26, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Radiology focused:

Repaired Imaging Document Source simulator. When responding to RAD-69 requests, it did not include the repositoryUniqueId

Refactored tests for Imaging Document Source and Imaging Document Consumer. Metadata for both actors are now in alignment with codes.xml that was released January 2018

Strengthened testing of metadata for RAD-68 submission by Imaging Document Source actor. Tests are now looking for specific metadata values that are linked to values in DICOM image headers.

Updated RAD-55 tests for Imaging Document Source to support HTTPS. Prior versions only supported HTTP. All tests for Imaging Document Source should now function with both HTTP and HTTPS.

Renumbered tests for Initiating Imaging Gateway and Responding Imaging Gateway actors so that functions are grouped in the test sequence.


Update home page to integrate with wiki upgrades.

Eliminate type problems surrounding TestSession in test documentation generator

Control whether internal TestKit is used through property Ignore_internal_testkit.

When in multi-user mode, peer TestSession not filtered our of Conformance Tool TestSession selector.

When logs are opened from the Simulators tool, current test session is inadvertently changed.

Add TLS label to test and section in Conformance tool UI.

Client test details results are initially closed but can
be opened with a click. Before, all details were shown always - overwhelming when simulator contained many messages.

Catalina.out log cleanup - many System.out.println messages changed to so control through log4j possible.

Added initial version of plugin support - ability to install client validators (really a search of a simulator's input
Message list). These validators are written in Groovy Script and installed in a TestKit in a new plugin directory.
Updated the MHD Document Source tests to use validators loaded through this plugin mechanism. A big part of this work
Was adding a Groovy class loader which is controlled by Toolkit.

Updated configuration for NIST public server.

Testkit/environment reindexing remembers tests from prior environment.

Added support for expiration of TestSessions. This is needed to enable management of public servers. By default a
Test Session expires 30 days after last activity where activity is defined as a generating a new Test Log or Simulator Log.
For now the actual deletion is manual. New display added to Toolkit configuration page that displays all Test Sessions and their "age".

Affinity domain configuration (environment codes.xml file) is now downloadable from the UI. The link is sensitive to the current environment selection.

Added a FixedReturn simulator type. This simulator accepts a local file path as a parameter. When a message is received this file is read and its contents is returned as the response.

Fixed duplicate message display in simulator logs.

Add hide/view control for interaction sequence diagram and make it hidden by default.

Added XcpdTransaction to FixedReply simulator.

Propagate SAML security header to these internal transactions: rg/xcq to reg/sq; rg/xcr to rep/ret; ig/igq to rg/xcq; ig/igr to rg/xcr; rep/pnr to reg/r.b. All but the first needs additional testing.

European Connectathon 2018 Final

@iheos iheos released this Apr 22, 2018 · 128 commits to master since this release

This is the updated version that finished the week in The Hague.

Fixed #364 - Sim Log Browser - Inspect (request |response) does nothing.

Fixed #363 - MPQ tool inherited PID from previous query

Fixed #382 - bad method call in MhdClientTransaction.

One more adjustment to MHD hash translation

Exceptions thrown when PDB is under-coded - made more resilient.

Put site reference back in Inspector secondary commands (don't know why it was removed).

ECAT 2018 Monday bug fixes

@iheos iheos released this Apr 16, 2018 · 142 commits to master since this release

MHD translator could not handle application/fhir+xml;charset=utf-8

Fixed translation of hash attribute from MHD to XDS

ECAT 2018

@iheos iheos released this Apr 13, 2018 · 147 commits to master since this release

Fixed #360 - Test 15800 was using MetadataLeve=1 to retrieve both versions of a DE. Repair of Registry sim was logged as separate issue.

Fixes #359 - Corrected testplan.xml file in a section in test ids_4802 The testplan.xml file had an element <SimTransaction ... /> that was corrected to <SimReference .... />

Many other small bug fixes

Final codes.xml update for ECAT.

Added Metadata Update to Inspector

codes.xml included here is to be used for the event.

pids.txt can be installed in local copy of Toolkit in EC/environment/default - adds event Patient list to your installation.

For ECAT 2018

@iheos iheos released this Apr 9, 2018 · 232 commits to master since this release


Improved indexing of FHIR messages in Simulator Logs UI

Fixed Message Download from Simulator Logs UI

Test Session validation was too restrictive - no restriction is necessary on sending to Sim in another Test Session.

Update to codes.xml - updated file and tests to match. This file will be used in The Hague.

Test Client log.xml is now unformatted XML. Easier to diagnose digital signature issues.

Added MHD test where submission has only minimum IDs attached.

Fixed codes for MPQ tests.

Add OID validation on SubmissionSet.uniqueId.

Updated release scripts. New ones rely on properties directory which holds for each release type. Also split release processing into two scripts: which does build, constructs site and javadocs; and which builds the final WAR file.

Update of PnR test data used at CAT did not make this release. It will included in a small release the weekend before ECAT.

Support for XCMU in the Inspector did not make this release. It will be included in the same small release this weekend.

Pre ECAT Update

@iheos iheos released this Apr 2, 2018 · 252 commits to master since this release

MasterIdentifer needs urn:oid: prefix when identifier system is listed as urn:ietf:rfc:3986
Many MHD tooling updates are still pending and will be shipped before Connectathon.

New Affinity Domain Coding set is included. All tests have been updated to match. These codes will be used in The Hague.
Code Updater utility (on Toolkit configuration page) fixed
The new codes are packaged in the default environment shipped inside Toolkit. The old configuration was moved to the alternate environment. To get your local installation updated, delete the External Cache directory and new version will be populated when Toolkit starts.

Patient Definitions
Patient definitions for Connectathon are included. The entire set is included for both the V2 Patient identify Feed tool and the FHIR Patient Resource submission tool.

Registry and Repository simulators are now portable. Before they contained absolute path names which prevented moving the External Cache or even moving the simulators to a different machine.

Fixed bug where RG test environment assumed RG SUT was a simulator.

Multi-user UI
Enhancements to make managing Toolkit in Multiuser mode easier.
Added special CAT mode for Connectathon which is multiuser mode but with a default Test Session so users do not need to select one before starting work. This includes the use of a special CAT Test Session which disables the conformance tool (must create a private Test Session to use this tool which you can do without the admin password). Also, it requires admin privileges to create simulators. In CAT Test Session/CAT mode users can create their own Test Sessions for private work.

Conformance Tool
Orchestration (test environment setup) now follows the TLS setting in the UI. In the past orchestration always ran with TLS off.

When testing MHD - JSON and XML can now be selected in the UI.

V2 Patient Identity Feed
Correct several fields which were encoded incorrectly (example - version is now coded as 2.3.1).

Bug Fixes for XCA testing

@iheos iheos released this Mar 20, 2018 · 306 commits to master since this release

Wrong SUT site being referenced in IG AD/XUA option.
Post test assertions scrambled and failing on test 15810
Updates to multi-use mode

Bug Fix - testing Responding Gateway

@iheos iheos released this Mar 13, 2018 · 310 commits to master since this release

Fixed bug that assumed Responding Gateway being tested was a simulator.

Version 6 - Multiuser

@iheos iheos released this Mar 5, 2018 · 312 commits to master since this release

First Mulituser release.
Includes MPQ fixes also release today in version 5.