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CVS Access
SVN Access

The "stable" cvs reposiotory is located on To download from CVS
(higly recommended), visit

And follow the instructions there.

You can browse the source code online here:

Note that you need to be logged in to in order to acces the source
from cvs.
Please sign up as a user in order to get svn access.

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Here is how the distribution is orgainized:
Here is how the distribution jar files are orgainized:

jain-sip-api : contains the API
jain-sip-all : contains everything prebuilt
@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ jain-sip-ri : contains the JSR 32 Reference Implementation.
jain-sip-sdp : contains the sip with SDP implementation. This includes the JSR 32 RI.
jain-sip-tck : contains the TCK

Since CVS does not assign a version number to the repository,
new version numbers are assigned manually by the project owner when
significant changes are made in the source code (for example new features
or bug fixes).
The Version number in version.txt is the svn version number for the source.
Each jar file that is version dependendent is stamped with the svn version

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