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Minutia Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) III is an ongoing test of ANSI/INCITS 378-2004 fingerprint templates, as established in Annex A of NIST SP 800-76-2. The test is used to establish compliant of template generators and template matchers for the U.S. Government's Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program. This repository contains a collection of utilities that may help MINEX III participants prepare and debug their submissions.


  • Grid Detector
    • A tool for detecting high frequency periodic structures in minutia placement density functions.
  • Validation
    • Package used to verify and submit MINEX III libraries for testing at NIST.


If you found a bug and can provide steps to reliably reproduce it, or if you have a feature request, please open an issue. Other questions may be addressed to the NIST MINEX team.

The MINEX team sends updates about the MINEX tests to their mailing list. Enter your e-mail address on the list page, or send a blank e-mail to to be automatically subscribed. Posts to the list are mirrored on an RSS feed.


The items in this repository are released in the public domain. See the LICENSE for details.

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