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Roadmap of Usoamic Project
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  • Contract (V2) (by primys)
  • UsoWallet-CLI (by primys)
  • Usoamic-Kotlin (by primys)
  • SwapBackend (by primys)

  • Explorer (by pochitS)
  • Web site (by primys)
  • UsoWallet-Web (V1) (by primys)

  • UsoNotes-Android (V1) (by pochitS)
  • UsoWallet-Android (V1) (by primys)
  • UsoNotes-Web (by pochitS)
  • UsoCommunity-Android (by primys)

  • UsoWallet-Android (V2) (by primys)
  • UsoNotes-Android (V2) (by pochitS)
  • UsoWallet-Web (V2) (by primys)
  • UsoNotes-Desktop (V1) (by pochitS)
  • Telegram Bot (by primys)
  • UsoWallet-Web (V3) (by primys)
  • UsoNotes-Desktop (V2) (by pochitS)
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