Detect the registered domain for a given domain name in C, Perl and PHP, based on Mozillas effective TLD listing
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Detection of registered domains by reg-dom libs

The reg-dom libs are available in C, Perl and PHP so far.

They include recent representations of the effective TLD list available at
and help to convert an arbitrary domain name to the registered domain name.

Sample use: blocks signing domains on the level of registered domains
to rate senders who use e.g. a.spamdomain.tld, b.spamdomain.tld, ... under
the most common identifier - the registered domain - finally.
Project page:

Pseudo code:
registeredDomain = getRegisteredDomain(ingoingDomain);

Return values:
1) NULL if ingoingDomain is a TLD
2) the registered domain name if TLD is known
3) just <domain>.<tld> if <tld> is unknown
   This case was added to support new TLDs in outdated reg-dom libs
   by a certain likelihood. This fallback method is implemented in the
   last conversion step and can be simply commented out.


If you like to regenerate the effective TLD tree structure by yourself
you can use the script generateEffectiveTLDs.php with the following parameters:

php generateEffectiveTLDs.php php  > PHP/
php generateEffectiveTLDs.php perl > Perl/
php generateEffectiveTLDs.php c    > C/tld-canon.h

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