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Quick and dirty custom PICO-8 cartridge PNG generator
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Quick and dirty custom PICO-8 cartridge PNG generator

What is it?

This tool allows the user to combine a PICO-8 cartridge (in .p8.png format) and a custom picture (160x205 px) in order to create an image that loads perfectly in PICO-8 while looking like the picture.

What is that PICO-8 you keep talking about?

PICO-8 is a game-making tool styled as a "fantasy console". It has a built in code, graphics and sound editor, allowing anyone to create their own games or edit others'. The games are distributed on the offical website's BBS as ".p8.png" files -- pictures with the game's data encoded inside them.

How does the tool work?

Basically, it extracts the lowest two color/alpha bits from every pixel of the "data image" (the original PICO-8 cart) -- that's where PICO-8 hides the actual cartridge dats -- to replace the lowest two color/alpha bits in the "picture image" (the custom label).

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