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Keyboard/Mouse iPhone program for all OS. Fork of Tenjin's RemotePad Project.
Objective-C C C++
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RemotePad for iPhone and RemotePad Server README

    This directory contains source files of RemotePad for iPhone, and
    RemotePad Server for Mac OS X, Windows and X11.  The software
    'RemotePad Server' is a server application for and used with
    'RemotePad,' an iPhone/iPod touch application.

        RemotePad is an application that controls the mouse cursor
        of your desktop PC.  This way, you can use your iPhone or
        iPod touch as a wireless touchpad.  You can get RemotePad
        from the iTunes App Store.

    To compile and install RemotePad for iPhone or RemotePad Servers,
    please read a INSTALL file.
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