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P Y T H O N - S T R E A M A N A L Y Z E R

This project is part of the streamanalyzer-bindings project (

The streamanalyzer module is a set of python bindings around Strigi's libstreams and libstreamanalyzer.

These bindings only expose the libstreams and libstreamanalyzer capabilities in order to make it easy to create your own indexer, or meta data extractor. It is also possible to create analyzers plugins in python.

After installing, have a look at the samples and test folder to see how to create your first python-streamanalyzer app.

Ubuntu Packages

Ubuntu packages are available from my ppa. To get them, run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ustramooner

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install python-streamanalyzer

Installing from source

You will need the following packages installed:
  • python (I have only tested 2.6.6 so far)
  • Strigi (Install libstreams-dev and libstreamanalyzer-dev or get it from )

# cd <python-streamanalyzer-dir>/python/

It is better to use a package, so that you can remove it:
# python bdist_rpm
If you are on a debian system, convert the rpm into a deb
# fakeroot alien --to-deb ls python-streamanalyzer-*.rpm|grep -v src

Then install the resulting rpm or deb from the dist folder.

Or you can intall it directly using
# python install


If you want to make changes to the code, you will need the full source distribution, you can find that at You will also need cmake 2.8+ and swig version 2.0.1. Note that different swig versions are known to create changes that break the system. If you use another version, be sure to do a diff of what gets created before actually changing something

# cd <python-streamanalyzer-dir>/python/

# mkdir build && cd build

# bash ../swigme

Make python look for the module here since it's not installed.
# export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`:cd ../ && pwd
  • Note: Currently the test suite is not very complete
  • You'll need python-unittest2 installed
  • Run:

# python ../test/


Python bindings for Strigi's Streams and StreamAnalyzer libraries






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