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Docker Node boilerplate

This is a development only Docker example repository to demonstrate how to have a simple React + Sass + Express app working with file system watching and BrowserSync proxy inside Docker.

What's interesting to look at is:

  • Dockerfile: how the project folders and NPM dependencies are set up
  • Makefile: shortcuts for the sometimes lengthy Docker and Docker Machine commands
  • Gulpfile: how to proxy BrowserSync and trigger it through Gulp instead of using its own watcher
  • Package.json: the scripts section wrapping various commands

You can find the prebuilt image on Docker Hub at:


The project is designed to be run inside a Docker container so the only dependencies are Docker related.

You should have Docker Machine, Docker (Engine) and Virtualbox installed. The easiest way to have all these set up is by installing Docker Toolbox.

  • First, create a development Docker host – in case you need something different than Docker Toolbox's default, otherwise skip this step

$ make create

  • Set up Docker environment to VM – needs to be done for every new shell session

$ eval "$(docker-machine env default)"

  • Build container – you can also do a faster pull instead to download a prebuilt image if you have a Docker Hub account

$ make build

  • Run container – below is for a single build, can also use watch or browsersync to recompile on changes

$ make run

  • Open app in browser

$ make open


  • Kick off file system watching – alternatively you can also use browsersync if you want automatic browser reloads

$ make watch

  • Tail Gulp's output

$ make log

  • In case Gulp exits with an error, restart container – or it's restartbs if you're using browsersync

$ make restart

Release to Docker Hub

  1. Increment version in Makefile
  2. Build fresh Docker image – make build
  3. Push image to Docker Hub – make push



⚠️ No longer maintained ⚠️






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