This is a proof of concept of a set of Philips Hue lights controlled by a Behringer BCD300 MIDI controller
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MIDI controller to Philips Hue lights

This is a proof of concept that hooks up a MIDI controller (Behringer BCD3000) to a set of Philips Hue lights.

All controls from deck A:

  • PLAY > turns on the lights and sets default colour
  • LOW, MID and HIGH > changes hue colour of each bulb
  • LOW, MID and HIGH CUTS > toggle on/off each light
  • CUE > party mode!
  • SCRATCH > turns of all the lights

This is a rough description of how it works:

  • If there is only one MIDI controller, select it, otherwise ask the user
  • Connect to the Hue hub and set the initial state and colour (requires hub IP address and API key)
  • Enters a loop picking up what happens on the controller
  • If we have an action "mapped", we act on it, otherwise ignore

Requires unimidi (as a gem) and RubyHue (attached with minor modifications).

Read more about it on the ustwo blog: