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Usus.NET Build status

This Visual Studio extension provides static code analysis for software developed with .NET. Usus.NET VSIX

The analysis can also be performed in code.

//var metrics = Analyze.PortableExecutables(assemblyToAnalyze);
var metrics = Analyze.Me();
foreach (var method in metrics.Methods)
	Console.WriteLine("Signature: " + method.Signature);
	Console.WriteLine("CC: " + method.CyclomaticComplexity);

The result of the analysis can be rated and filtered for hotspots.

RatedMetrics rated = metrics.Rate();
double acd = rated.AverageComponentDependency;
int cyclicNamespaces = rated.NamespacesWithCyclicDependencies;

MetricsHotspots hotspots = metrics.Hotspots();
var complicatedMethods = hotspots.OfCyclomaticComplexity();
var bigClasses = hotspots.OfClassSizeOver(10);

Usus.NET works with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. The code to compile the extension for 2013 is in the master branch while the code for 2010 and 2012 can be found in their respective branches. The Visual Studio SDK in the correpsonding version is needed to compile any version of Usus.NET.