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User-friendly SVN

Important links

Run on Vagrant


To run:

vagrant up

To suspend execution:

vagrant suspend

To destroy virtual machine:

vagrant destroy

Run USVN installation process again after installed

vagrant destroy <-- destroy virtual machine
make            <-- remove instalation files

Official maintainers

The project is not maintain. But if you find a security issue or want to contribute we are happy to help.



  • Fix XSS in SVN logs. Credit to Sysdream
  • Solve some problems about binary file, locale and mysql importing.
  • Add X-Forwarded-Proto variable check on protocol check
  • Added error_log for fail2ban capture by apache-auth filter
  • Solve the key length error reported by mysql when import the sql.
  • Set the locale by system.locale in the config file.


  • Fix JVN#73794686 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in
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