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@thisisdano thisisdano released this Sep 23, 2019

What's new in USWDS 2.2.1

Sass compiles properly: Now importing uswds using @import uswds will compile properly. The packages/uswds-components package newly referenced by uswds.scss was using incorrect paths and now they point to the proper locations.

Why did this happen? A quirk of how Sass evaluates paths prevented us from seeing this error before we published the release. Sass will, apparently, accept paths relative both to the the file containing the import and also to the entry point (ie, the primary file the compiler points to). The incorrect /base paths evaluated properly for us internally since uswds.scss is the entry point from which we compile our Sass (that is, we do not @import uswds from a separate file). By chance, /base is valid relative to this internal entry point.

How are we preventing this in the future? We've made the build process more strict in uswds-site (uswds/uswds-site@103dd3f#diff-d0940386a71c685fc307161a767958b4R54) so it'll be far less likely that such a bug will make it through our testing. We may also change our internal build process to surface errors such as this one.

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