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USWDS 3.8.1

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@thisisdano thisisdano released this 31 May 18:29

What's new in USWDS 3.8.1

Bug fixes

Package A11Y Breaking Markup change Description
usa-button-group Improved styles for nested button groups. Now, nested button groups should match the height of their parents. (#5885)
usa-footer Restored the usa-layout-grid dependency in the footer package and removed layout grid styles from the footer stylesheet. This update prevents visual regressions in footer and other components with layout grid utility classes in their markup. (#5930)
usa-identifier Yes Fixed a bug that added the English word "An" to Spanish variants of the identifier component. This was accidentally added to our component preview templates because of a data error. (#5857)
usa-in-page-navigation Updated an outdated reference to the data-header-selector attribute in an in-page navigation JavaScript error message. The error message now correctly references the data-heading-elements attribute. (#5856)
usa-input-mask Fixed a bug that caused input mask to break when it is not a direct child of a form. Nested input masks will now initialize and work properly. Thanks @chrislarrycarl! (#5518)
usa-tooltip Yes Updated the behavior of the tooltip component to allow users to hover over tooltip content. This allows the component to meet the "hoverable" standard outlined in WCAG 1.4.13. (#5919)
usa-tooltip Yes Updated tooltip component behavior to close active tooltips when the escape key is pressed. This allows the component to meet the "dismissible" standard outlined in WCAG 1.4.13. (#5909)
usa-validation Yes Fixed a bug that caused non-interactive checklist items in the validation component to receive focus. Now, only the interactive input will receive focus. (#5835)
uswds-utilities Updated the code comments on utility Sass partials. These comments now reflect the correct utility class names and values. Thanks @aduth! (#5859)

Dependencies and security

Dependency name Previous version New version
@18f/identity-stylelint-config 2.0.0 4.0.0
@babel/core 7.23.6 7.24.5
@babel/preset-env 7.23.6 7.24.5
@types/node 20.10.4 20.12.11
autoprefixer 10.4.16 10.4.19
axe-core 4.8.2 4.9.1
eslint 8.55.0 8.56.0
eslint-plugin-import 2.29.0 2.29.1
html-webpack-plugin 5.5.4 5.6.0
mocha 10.2.0 10.4.0
postcss 8.4.32 8.4.38
postcss-discard-comments 6.0.0 6.0.2
postcss-preset-env 9.3.0 9.5.11
prettier 2.8.8 3.2.5
sass 1.69.5 1.77.0
sass-embedded 1.69.5 1.77.0
snyk 1.1262.0 1.1291.0
stylelint 15.11.0 16.5.0
svgo 3.1.0 3.3.2
typescript 5.3.3 5.4.5
webpack 5.89.0 5.91.0

Thanks @anselmbradford for the dependency updates!

0 vulnerabilities in regular dependencies (dependencies for USWDS projects installed with npm install @uswds/uswds)
13 moderate, 28 high vulnerabilities in devDependencies (development dependencies).

Release TGZ SHA-256 hash: a86fa133b842ce28d1eed2226216c478debf31bf6c16ffcd96fecf061fdf4583