Issue label glossary

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We use labels to understand, categorize, and sort our Github issues. Use this as a reference for understanding the labels we use, but please leave issue labeling to the USWDS Core team — it's a important part of our intake process. Thanks!


  • Accessibility
  • Content
  • DevOps
  • Front end
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design

Release number

  • 1.0
  • 1.etc. as we grow and update


  • Blocked: Not able to move forward with work due to conflict.
  • Help wanted: Contributors open to claiming and tackling. Description and acceptance criteria have been written.
  • Idea: New idea or request, team has yet to evaluate.
  • Need more info: There is not enough information in order to move forward. Information is requested from the submitter or team member is assigned to research.
  • Review needed: Pull request review needed.
  • Revisions needed: Requires corrections based on team feedback.


  • Blocker: Needs immediate attention. Prevents the product from working if it were released in that state. (For example: build failing, tests not passing)
  • Critical: A critical requirement without which it is unacceptable to stakeholders. Impacts the applications functionality. (For example: feature not working in all browsers, content not accessible to screen readers)
  • Major: A necessary but deferrable requirement which makes the product less usable but still functional. Does not impact the application’s functionality. (For example: typos)
  • Minor: A nice feature to have if there are resources, but the product functions well without it. Also known as "could be betters." (For example: feature requests, cosmetic enhancements)


  • Bug: Error, failure, or flaw in the product.
  • Enhancement: Modification of product to enhance performance or correct faults for items that already exist.
  • Maintenance: Fixing product defects.
  • Question: An inquiry asking for more information.
  • Documentation: Relates to the draft web design standards website
  • Communications: Outreach or training to help users
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