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This page is meant to help define the workflow process the core team uses. Check out our ZenHub Board to see our current workflow status and what we are currently working on across all 3 repos.

For more information about our labeling system, head on over to our label glossary.

Component Maturity Lifecycle

Components of the draft web design standards have a defined maturity lifecycle that lives outside, but is related to, the workflow of issues and pull requests. You can find the maturity lifecycle here - This maturity model is meant to describe how a component goes from inception through becoming an official component of the draft web design standards.


The table below outlines the steps and processes the core team takes when reviewing issues that have been submitted to the repo.

Phase Description
  • Add Status
  • Add Type[s]
  • Add Skill[s]
  • Add Priority
In Progress
  • Add to a Milestone
  • Add assignee; whomever is working on a solve for this issue. This could easily be a contributor who has submitted a pull request that solves to the issue.
  • Move to “In progress” in ZenHub
  • Pull request has been merged
  • Test on staging site
  • Move to “Done” in Zenhub
  • Done Code has passed all automated tests, manual checks and content reviews from core team members. It has also been reviewed on staging for browser and device testing. Issue is closed.

    Pull requests

    We use the new "review" feature in Github to track the workflow of Pull Requests now. For more information about our process, please read the contributing guidelines.

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