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Ecological monitoring unit
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Ecology Monitoring Unit - EcoBot

  • Must have and easy to set-up
  • Total cost less than 100$
  • Ready for aggregator service


  • Raspberry PI3+ model B or similar unit
  • DHT22 temperature & humidity sensor
  • SDS011 dust micro parts and smog lazer sensor ( 2,5 & 10 micrometers )


EcoBot - ecology monitoring unit ( current repo )

  • Host OS ( Raspbian as usually out-of-box on Rapsberry PI)
  • Python packages for sensors
  • Cron jobs for scheduled tasks
  • MySQL as a storage engine
  • php Yii2 based application

Structure of php application

    config/              contains shared configurations
    models/              contains model classes used in both backend and frontend
    tests/               contains tests for common classes    
    config/              contains console configurations
    controllers/         contains console controllers (commands)
    commands/            contains bash executive coomands for project
    migrations/          contains database migrations
    models/              contains console-specific model classes
    runtime/             contains files generated during runtime
    assets/              contains application assets such as JavaScript and CSS
    config/              contains frontend configurations
    controllers/         contains Web controller classes
    models/              contains frontend-specific model classes
    runtime/             contains files generated during runtime
    tests/               contains tests for frontend application
    views/               contains view files for the Web application
    web/                 contains the entry script and Web resources
    widgets/             contains frontend widgets
vendor/                  contains dependent 3rd-party packages
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