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utPLSQL Plugin for PLSQL Developer

The utPLSQL Plugin integrates utPLSQL with Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer.

Running Tests

The plugin adds three buttons to the tools ribbon to 1) execute all tests of the current user, 2) run code coverage or 3) run tests for a specific path. If you choose 3) the run window will open and you can enter the path manually.

Tools Ribbon

In the object browser on Packages, Package Bodys, Procedures or Users there is a context menu entry to run the tests or code coverage of either the package, the procedure or the user. You can also run tests from an program window.

Context Menu

Viewing Results

The results are opened in a new window. Each test run will open a separate window.

Navigating to the package body

Double-click on a test result entry will open the package body.

Running tests

There are two buttons to run the tests again either with or without coverage.

Running single tests

A right-click opens the context menu, and you can run the test function.

Filtering and Sorting Results

You can filter the results by clicking on checkboxes behind the status field. A click on the header cell sorts the results first ascending and with a second click descending.

Result Window

Code Coverage

If you select Run Code Coverage from the menu or the context menu a dialog is displayed. In this dialog you can configure the schemas to check for coverage and include or exclude specific objects.

Code Coverage Diaog


After running the tests the HTML code coverage report will be opened in the default browser.

Code Coverage Reports


Binary releases for 64bit and 32bit are published in the releases section.


Copy the DLL to the PlugIns directory of your PL/SQL Developer installation.

  • 64bit: PlsqlDeveloperUtPlsqlPlugin.dll
  • 32bit: PlsqlDeveloperUtPlsqlPlugin_x86.dll


Please file your bug reports, enhancement requests, questions and other support requests within Github's issue tracker.

How to Contribute

  1. Describe your idea by submitting an issue
  2. Fork the utPLSQL-PLSQL-Developer respository
  3. Create a branch, commit and publish your changes and enhancements
  4. Create a pull request

How to Build

  1. Open the PlsqlDeveloperUtPlsqlPlugin.sln solution in Visual Studio
  2. Make sure to choose x64 as Platform target
  3. Build the solution


utPLSQL for PL/SQL Developer is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at