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This project is no longer supported or developed.

It was replaced with utPLSQL-cli


Bash & windows command-line client for utPLSQL v3

Provides an easy way of invoking utPLSQL from command-line. Main features:

  • Provides outputs from first reporter in real-time, so you can see the progress of your test execution
  • Ability to run tests with multiple reporters simultaneously
  • Ability to save output from every individual reporter to separate output file
  • Provides coloured outputs
  • Maps project and test files to database objects for reporting purposes
  • Allows execution of selected suites, subset of suite


The scripts require sqlplus to be installed and configured to be in your PATH.

When using reporters for Sonar or Coveralls the the ut_run.bat/ut_run script needs to be invoked from project's root directory.

Number of script parameters cannot exceed 39.

Script Invocation

ut_run user/password@database [-p=(ut_path|ut_paths)] [-c] [-f=format [-o=output] [-s] ...] [-source_path=path] [-test_path=path]


  user              - username to connect as
  password          - password of the user
  database          - database to connect to
  -p=suite_path(s)     - A suite path or a comma separated list of suite paths for unit test to be executed.     
                      The path(s) can be in one of the following formats:
                      Both formats can be mixed in the list.
                      If only schema is provided, then all suites owner by that schema are executed.
                      If -p is omitted, the current schema is used.
  -f=format         - A reporter to be used for reporting.
                    If no -f option is provided, the default ut_documentation_reporter is used.
                    Available options:
                        A textual pretty-print of unit test results (usually use for console output)
                        For reporting live progress of test execution with Teamcity CI. 
                        Used for reporting test results with CI servers like Jenkins/Hudson/Teamcity.
                        Generates a HTML coverage report with summary and line by line information on code coverage.
                        Based on open-source simplecov-html coverage reporter for Ruby.
                        Includes source code in the report.
                        Generates a JSON coverage report providing information on code coverage with line numbers.
                        Designed for [Coveralls](
                        Generates a JSON coverage report providing information on code coverage with line numbers.
                        Designed for [SonarQube]( to report coverage.
                        Generates a JSON report providing detailed information on test execution.
                        Designed for [SonarQube]( to report test execution.

  -o=output         - Defines file name to save the output from the specified reporter.
                      If defined, the output is not displayed on screen by default. This can be changed with the -s parameter.
                      If not defined, then output will be displayed on screen, even if the parameter -s is not specified.
                      If more than one -o parameter is specified for one -f parameter, the last one is taken into consideration.
  -s                - Forces putting output to to screen for a given -f parameter.
  -source_path=path - Path to project source files. Used by coverage reporters. The path needs to be relative to the projects root directory.
  -test_path=path   - Path to unit test source files. Used by test reporters. The path needs to be relative to the projects root directory.
  -c                - If specified, enables printing of test results in colors as defined by ANSICONSOLE standards. 
                      Works only on reporeters that support colors (ut_documentation_reporter)

Parameters -f, -o, -s are correlated. That is parameters -o and -s are controlling outputs for reporter specified by the preceding -f parameter.

Sonar and Coveralls reporter will only provide valid reports, when source_path and/or test_path are provided, and ut_run is executed from your project's root path.


ut_run hr/hr@xe -p=hr_test -f=ut_documentation_reporter -o=run.log -s -f=ut_coverage_html_reporter -o=coverage.html -source_path=source

Invokes all Unit tests from schema/package "hr_test" with two reporters:

  • ut_documentation_reporter - will output to screen and save output to file "run.log"
  • ut_coverage_html_reporter - will report only on database objects that are mapping to file structure from "source" folder and save output to file "coverage.html"

ut_run hr/hr@xe

Invokes all unit test suites from schema "hr". Results are displayed to screen using default ut_documentation_reporter.

Enabling color outputs on Windows

To enable color outputs from SQLPlus on winddows you need to install an open-source utility called ANSICON


NOT MAINTAINED! - Please use utPLQL-cli. Bash/Windows command-line client for utPLSQL v3 with SQLPlus








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