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change description of the tests to reflect the requirements as sugges…

…ted by jgebal
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PhilippSalvisberg committed Dec 29, 2018
1 parent 1672248 commit 42cf8ee11f120ccbce2dadce7b864943d209df37
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  1. +12 −12 test/core/reporters/test_realtime_reporter.pks
@@ -6,40 +6,40 @@ create or replace package test_realtime_reporter as
procedure create_test_suites_and_run;

--%test(Check XML report structure)
--%test(Provide a report structure with pre-run information and event based messages per suite and per test)
procedure xml_report_structure;

--%test(Check total number of tests)
--%test(Provide the total number of tests as part of the pre-run information structure)
procedure total_number_of_tests;

--%test(Check escaped characters in test suite description)
--%test(Escape special characters in data such as the test suite description)
procedure escaped_characters;

--%test(Check number of startTestEvent nodes)
--%test(Provide a startTestEvent node before starting a test with testNumber and totalNumberOfTests)
procedure number_of_starttestevent_nodes;

--%test(Check testNumber and totalNumberOfTests in endTestEvent nodes)
--%test(Provide a endTestEvent node after completion of a test with test results)
procedure endtestevent_nodes;

--%test(Check expectation message for a failed test)
--%test(Provide expectation message for a failed test)
procedure single_failed_message;

--%test(Check existence of multiple expectation messages for a failed test)
--%test(Provide expectation messages for each failed assertion of a failed test)
procedure multiple_failed_messages;

--%test(Check for serveroutput of test)
--%test(Provide dbms_output produced in a test)
procedure serveroutput_of_test;

--%test(Check for serveroutput of testsuite)
--%test(Provide dbms_output produced in a testsuite)
procedure serveroutput_of_testsuite;

--%test(Check for error stack of test)
--%test(Provide the error stack of a test)
procedure error_stack_of_test;

--%test(Check for error stack of testsuite)
--%test(Provide the error stack of a testsuite)
procedure error_stack_of_testsuite;

--%test(Check description of reporter)
--%test(Provide a description of the reporter explaining the use for SQL Developer)
procedure get_description;


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