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Changes in release 3.1.2

New features

  • Added ability to join and compare cursor content by specific columns (PK/UK) #453
  • Added support for comma separated list of suite paths/packages when calling ut.run #479
  • Added ability to run a test package that got invalidated due to dependency invalidation #489
  • Added support for package level constants and predefined exceptions in --%throws annotation #685
  • Added support for standalone --%beforeall, --%beforeeach, --%afterall, --%aftereach annotations with list of procedures to execute #649
  • Added support for list of procedure names in before/after annotations #649
  • Added support for BLOB/CLOB in is_empty() matcher #707


  • utPLSQL will now provide additional warnings, when unsupported annotations are found in a unit test suite package #624
  • utPLSQL will now produce valid XML in UT_JUNIT_REPORTER when dbms_output or test results contain <![CDATA[ text #643
  • improved installation process for non-DBA users #658
  • added uninstall_all.sql script that completely removes utPLSQL objects #673
  • Changed the way contexts are named #674
  • Added ability to pass client encoding information for XML/HTML reporting (requires utPLSQL-cli 3.1.1) #676
  • Exposed base objects for expectations, so that IDE like DataGrip can provide auto-complete #675
  • Both context-name as well as procedure inside context can now be passed as parameter to ut.run() #679
  • Added validation of privileges before installation of utPLSQL #693


  • UT_JUNIT_REPORTER does not report tests when procedure names are not all lower-case #659 #696
  • Fixed utPLSQL installation order to avoid warnings/failures on install #657
  • Fixed uninstall process for utPLSQL #673
  • Fixed syntax errors in HTML coverage report #681 #682
  • Fixed install requirements documentation #687
  • Fixed capturing of DBMS_OUTPUT buffer at the start of test run #686

Internal enhancements

  • Added continuous testing of XML/HTML reports format #684
  • Added sonarcloud branch-based and PR code analysis #708
  • Added ability to trigger builds on sub-projects #501