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Demo applications of autonomous, or self-driving, car by LEGO Mindstorms EV3.

If you wanted to see our car running, please watch the video on the YouTube.

We also have our website.

YouTube Link

As you can see on the video, we have implemented the autonomous car as a internal research project.

Our car only uses an image (176*176, grayscale jpeg format) which is sent from iPhone set in front of the car.

EV3 car

This repo includes following demo applications.

For more informations, please check the on each directory.

Getting Started

  1. Building EV3 car
    We used a RAC3 Truck and remodeled a bit as follows.

    1. Put away the steering wheel.
    2. Add a vertical bar in the front of the truck to keep the iPhone in the right place. Parts added customized EV3
  2. Prepare SD card for inserting into the EV3
    There are two ways for preparing the SD card. The easiest way is to copy ev3rt-utagoe/sdcard/* on the SD card.

  3. Run any application you like!


  1. Deeper Depth Prediction with Fully Convolutional Residual Networks
  2. iro-cp/FCRN-DepthPrediction
  3. OpenCV Python Tutorial - Find Lanes for Self-Driving Cars (Computer Vision Basics Tutorial)
  4. RyosukeHonda/Advanced_Lane_Lines
  5. Canny法によるエッジ検出