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A low-latency, extensible, multi-tenant key-value store.
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A multi-tenant key-value store into which untrusted extensions can be pushed down at run-time

Running Splinter on CloudLab

To run Sandstorm on CloudLab, do the following

  1. Instantiate an experiment using the splinter-cluster profile under the sandstorm project (you will need to join the project first). When asked, allocate two machines for the experiment.
  2. Next, run python3 scripts/everything/ --setup --build <cloudlab-username> <any-host-in-cluster> <command/extension> From the root directory of the project on any machine outside or inside the cluster. This script is capable of:
    • Installing Rust
    • Installing DPDK
    • Setting up NIC and MAC addresses
    • Compiling Server and Client Rust
    • Pushing and recompiling local commits
    • Running extensions/clients
    • logging output to logs/latest/ If you want to know more about the features of this script, use python3 scripts/everything/ -h

How to run server and client for each extension

What are the parameters for each client, What is the key and value sizes, etc.






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