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A low-latency, extensible, multi-tenant key-value store.
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A multi-tenant key-value store into which untrusted extensions can be pushed down at run-time

Running Splinter on CloudLab

To run Sandstorm on CloudLab, do the following

  1. Instantiate an experiment using the splinter-cluster profile under the sandstorm project (you will need to join the project first). When asked, allocate two machines for the experiment.
  2. Next, run python3 scripts/everything/ --setup --build <cloudlab-username> <any-host-in-cluster> <command/extension> From the root directory of the project on any machine outside or inside the cluster. This script is capable of:
    • Installing Rust
    • Installing DPDK
    • Setting up NIC and MAC addresses
    • Compiling Server and Client Rust
    • Pushing and recompiling local commits
    • Running extensions/clients
    • logging output to logs/latest/ If you want to know more about the features of this script, use python3 scripts/everything/ -h

How to run server and client for each extension

To update the configuration parameters, change db/server.toml on the server side and splinter/client.toml on the client side.

To run the extension on the client-side, use use_invoke = false and for the server-side use use_invoke=true. And to run the extension on both on the server-side and client-side, keep use_invoke = true and add pushback feature in db/Cargo.toml on the server-side.

Change num_tenants and num_keys on both the sides. The server uses these parameters to populate the tables and extension for different number of extensions and the client uses these parameters to generate the load.

Aggregate Extension

key_size = 8

value_size = 30

num_aggr = X // The number of record accessed for per aggregate operation.

order = X // The amound of computation(multiplication) for per aggregate operation.

Analysis Extension

key_size = 30

value_size = 108

Also add the feature ml_model in db/Cargo.toml.

Auth Extension

key_size = 30

value_size = 72

Pushback Extension

key_size = 30

value_size = 100

num_aggr = X // The number of records accessed per operation.

order = X // The amount of compute per operation in terms of CPU cycles.

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