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Bootstrap theme


Please check that you have a recent version of compass installed in octopress' bundle (see Gemfile.lock in your octopress directory and run bundle update if necessary), otherwise, you might get errors similar to those reported in issue #7. Compass version 0.12.1 is known to work.


 $ git clone git://github.com/bkutil/bootstrap-theme.git bootstrap-theme

Copy the bootstrap-theme into your blog's octopress .theme directory:

 $ cp -R bootstrap-theme $MY_OCTOBLOG/.themes/bootstrap

Install the theme and generate site:

 $ rake install['bootstrap']
 $ rake generate

Code snippet colors

Theme utilizes the solarized color scheme for code snippets. By default, the bootstrap variant is selected, but light/dark colors can be used by setting the $solarized variable in sass/syntax/_higlight.scss.

Patches welcome!

This is a first draft only. Any ideas, suggestions or improvements are welcome.


Latest code from master branch is running at this demo site.