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pythonbrew is a program to automate the building and installation of Python in the users HOME.

pythonbrew is based on perlbrew.


Following python version is required to use pythonbrew:
2.4 <= Python < 3

The recommended way to download and install pythonbrew is to run these statements in your shell.:

curl -LO
chmod +x pythonbrew
./pythonbrew install

After that, pythonbrew installs itself to ~/python/pythonbrew/bin, and you should follow the instruction on screen to setup your .bashrc or .cshrc to put it in your PATH.

If you need to install pythonbrew into somewhere else, you can do that by setting a PYTHONBREW_ROOT environment variable.:

export PYTHONBREW_ROOT=/path/to/pythonbrew
./pythonbrew install


pythonbrew command [options]


pythonbrew init

Install some Pythons:

pythonbrew install Python-3.1.2
pythonbrew install Python-2.6.6
pythonbrew install --configure="CC=gcc_4.1" Python-2.6.6
pythonbrew install --no-setuptools Python-2.6.6
pythonbrew install
pythonbrew install /path/to/Python-2.6.6.tgz

Switch python in the $PATH:

pythonbrew switch Python-2.6.6
pythonbrew switch /path/to/python

Search python packages:

pythonbrew search Python-2.6
pythonbrew search Python-3

Uninstall some Pythons:

pythonbrew uninstall Python-2.6.6

Remove stale source folders and archives:

pythonbrew clean

Upgrades pythonbrew to the latest version:

pythonbrew update

Disable pythonbrew:

pythonbrew off

Show version:

pythonbrew version



Run this once to setup the pythonbrew directory ready for installing.

pythons into. Run it again if you decide to change PYTHONBREW_ROOT.

install Python-<version>

Build and install the given version of Python.

Setuptools and pip is automatically installed.

options: --force, --no-setuptools and --configure.

List the installed versions of python.
switch Python-<version>
Switch to the given version.
switch /path/to/python
Switch to the given version of python.
search Python-<version>
Search Python packages.
uninstall Python-<version>
Uninstall the given version of python.
Remove stale source folders and archives.
Upgrades pythonbrew to the latest version.
Disable pythonbrew.
Show version.


-f | --force
Force installation of a Python.
-C | --configure
Custom configure options.
-n | --no-setuptools
Skip installation of setuptools.
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