Render HTML as React element, possibly replacing dangerouslySetInnerHTML
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Render HTML as React element, possibly replacing dangerouslySetInnerHTML

How it works

It renders a provided HTML string into a React element.

import renderHTML from 'react-render-html';

renderHTML("<a class='github' href=''><b>GitHub</b></a>")
// => React Element
//    <a className="github" href=""><b>GitHub</b></a>

It may be used in the render method in a React component:

let App = React.createClass({
  render() {
    return (
      <div className='app'>

Or just by itself

ReactDOM.render(renderHTML(someHTML), document.getElementById('app'));

If a provided HTML contains several top-level nodes, the function will return an array of React elements.

// => [React Element <li>hello</li>, React Element <li>world</li>]

Pros and cons


  • Can make use of React's reconciliation for plain HTML too
  • Fully compatible with JSX


  • It uses parse5 to parse HTML, which can result in large bundle size
  • Can result in slower rendering speed, mainly for parsing


Install with NPM:

npm i --save react-render-html

Import with CommonJS or whatever:

const renderHTML = require('react-render-html');

import renderHTML from 'react-render-html';

A bug!

When a bug is found, please report them in Issues.

Also, any form of contribution(especially a PR) will absolutely be welcomed 🍻