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Note: These lists and links are non-exhaustive. Feel free to suggest additions that you think should be here!

Books & Online Courses

Natural Language Processing

Information Retrieval

Machine Learning

Learning Scala

Advanced Scala



Scala tutorials

Applications and Toolkits

Note: These lists are certainly not exhaustive. Suggestions for additions welcome!

Natural language processing and machine learning

  • Chalk: my evolving Scalafication of OpenNLP (see below)
  • Nak: a Java/Scala machine learning toolkit (forked from OpenNLP and used by Chalk)
  • OpenNLP: a Java toolkit for NLP
  • Breeze: a Scala toolkit for NLP and learning
  • Mallet: a Java toolkit for NLP that includes many classifiers and topic modeling
  • Junto: a Java/Scala toolkit for label propagation

Other useful and relevant software

  • Hadoop: Open source MapReduce implementation and related tools.
  • Scoobi: Scala wrapper to Hadoop.
  • Spark: Scala system for distributed computation (similar to Hadoop, but better for iterative algorithms)
  • Storm: Real-time scalable, distributed processing system.
  • Akka: Java/Scala system for concurrent, distributed computing.

Interesting and relevant programming blog posts

Interesting and relevant media