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Docker image with GHC+musl for static executables
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This repository provides Docker images with GHC compiled with musl; therefore can be used to create fully static Haskell binaries without glibc dependency on any platform which can run Docker (x86_64).

Images come with ghc and cabal executables alongside with commonly used libraries and build tools.

Here are the latest images currently published in Docker Hub:

  • utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-libgmp-ghc881
  • utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-integer-simple-ghc881
  • utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-libgmp-ghc865
  • utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-integer-simple-ghc865
  • utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-libgmp-ghc844


Add ghc-options: -static -optl-static -optl-pthread -fPIC flags to your cabal file.


Mount the project directory to the container, and use cabal-install inside the container:

$ cd myproject/
$ docker run -itv $(pwd):/mnt utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-libgmp-ghc881
sh$ cd /mnt
sh$ cabal new-update
sh$ cabal new-build


Add these lines to your stack.yaml, and use stack as usual on the host machine:

  enable: true
  image: utdemir/ghc-musl:v4-libgmp-ghc881

Make sure to pick an image with the GHC version compatible with the Stackage resolver you are using.


Images are generated using Nix. Building an image requires a Linux machine with KVM support.

Musl-compiled GHC and libraries are not in official NixOS cache, so prepare to build a lot. To speed it up, you can use the cache I maintain at

Feel free to open an issue or send a PR to add a library or support a newer compiler version.


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