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The project SQLite3 Multiple Ciphers implements an encryption extension for SQLite with support for multiple ciphers. In the past the encryption extension was bundled with the project wxSQLite3, which provides a thin SQLite3 database wrapper for wxWidgets.

In the course of time several developers had asked for a stand-alone version of the wxSQLite3 encryption extension. Originally it was planned to undertake the separation process already in 2019, but due to personal matters it had to be postponed for several months. However, maybe that wasn't that bad after all, because there were changes to the public SQLite code on Feb 7, 2020: “Simplify the code by removing the unsupported and undocumented SQLITE_HAS_CODEC compile-time option”. These changes took effect with the release of SQLite version 3.32.0 on May 22, 2020. As a consequence, all SQLite encryption extensions out there will not be able to easily support SQLite version 3.32.0 and later.

In late February 2020 work started on a new implementation of a SQLite encryption extension that will be able to support SQLite 3.32.0 and later. The new approach is based on SQLite's VFS feature. This approach has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the code is less closely coupled with SQLite itself; on the other hand, access to SQLite's internal data structures is more complex.

The code was mainly developed under Windows, but was tested under Linux as well. At the moment no major issues are known.

Version information

  • 1.8.6 - June 2024
    • Based on SQLite version 3.46.0
    • The cipher configuration parameter legacy_page_size now accepts only valid page sizes
    • The cipher configuration parameter plaintext_header_size now accepts only values that are multiples of 16
    • Cleaned up code (removed trailing white space, removed extern keyword in function declarations, added SQLITE_PRIVATE for several internal functions)
    • Fixed issues #156, #158, #160, #162, #164, #165, #166, #167, #168

For further version information please consult the CHANGELOG.

How to participate

Help in testing and discussing further development will be highly appreciated. Please use the issue tracker to give feedback, report problems, or to discuss ideas.


Documentation of the currently supported cipher schemes and the C and SQL interfaces is provided on the SQLite3 Multiple Ciphers website.

Documentation on how to build the extension can be found on the page SQLite3 Multiple Ciphers Installation.