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@utelle utelle released this Sep 2, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Changes since previous release:

  • Fixed issue #75 (missing application of cipher in ReKey method)

For further details see release wxSQLite3 4.4.5, wxSQLite3 4.4.4 and wxSQLite3 4.0.0.


The property file wx_setup.props in the build subdirectory was adjusted to allow running AppVeyor CI without any modifications.

This modification triggers the use of specific library directories for different compiler versions (as it is used by the pre-built wxWidgets libraries). This adds the toolkit version (141 for VS 2015, 142 for VS 2019) to the library path name.

Additionally, there is a problem with the wxWidgets 3.1.2 release, because it doesn't support VS 2019 in this mode yet. The file include/msvc/wx/setup.h has been updated (lines 68 to 71) in the wxWidgets GitHub repository, but the released version selects the wrong toolkit version (the one belonging to VS 2015).

To get the previous behaviour (library path names without toolkit version) please adjust the 2 parameters wxCompilerPrefix and wxMsvcVersionAuto in file wx_setup.props as follows:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

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