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Essex - Boilerplate for Docker Based Projects


Project is still under active development and may not work as expected.
Pull requests always welcome

Essex is a CLI utility written in bash to quickly setup consistent and clean Docker projects.


  • Allow easy creation of Dockerfiles using good/best practices
  • Use a Makefile driven workflow for image builds
  • Maintain consistency between projects that use Docker
  • All images will have valid Labels/Annotations. See the Open Container Initiative image-spec

This tool is intended to just lay down a starting point for each project. It will still require you to modify the Dockerfile and settings by hand just as you would any other Docker based project.


This has only been tested on Linux

To install Essex you can either clone this repository to any location on your machine and add it to your $PATH. Or you can install with the following:

\curl -sSL | bash -s

This will install essex into ~/.essex.


See usage with essex --help

Essex master: Boilerplate for Docker Based Projects.
License: MIT Copyright (c) 2019 Utensils Union
	essex list
	essex new <template> <repo-path>/<image-name> [OPTION]...
	essex update
	-u, --username [NAME]	Sets the repo username (your dockerhub username)
	-v, --vendor [NAME]	Sets the vendor label
 	essex new basic utensils/MyApp
	essex new basic utensils/MyApp --username jamesbrink
	essex new basic jamesbrink/appname

Create a new project using a template:

essex new basic jamesbrink/MyProject

With this new project in place you can start using the project instantly. This project is pre-wired up with useful Make targets.

cd MyProject
make list
make test
make push
make clean

Update Essex:

essex update