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This ROS package provides administration scripts and other programs for managing the systems and networks of the Building-Wide Intelligence (BWI) project of the University of Texas at Austin.

These scripts are authorized to run under the local bwilab user account, which is configured to login to the BWI server without requiring a password. For security, these scripts should be kept simple and do no more than necessary.



Uploads files matching $PREFIX_*.bag from the current directory to the main BWI server.

This script is not normally run directly. Use the bags script from bwi_local, instead.

Files on the server are stored in the ~bwilab/robot/$HOSTNAME directory. $HOSTNAME should be set to the robot's name; if not defined, the output of the hostname command is used. Files already on the server will not be sent again.


$ bwilab upload [options] PREFIX


-h  print a help message
-n  dry run, do no transfers

The PREFIX parameter is required.

All robot runs normally collect a moderate number of messages with the bwi prefix. Those bags are always intended to be uploaded to the server. Extra bags may be collected for specific experiments. Because they may be much larger than our bwi bags, they are normally uploaded manually, when needed.


To upload compressed bag files for the current user:

$ cd ~/.ros/bwi/bwi_logging/compressed
$ bwilab upload bwi

To Upload extra bags collected for some specific experiment:

$ bwilab upload extra

To force a specific robot name:

$ HOSTNAME=bender bwilab upload bwi