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<style> div {border: 1px solid white; height: 38px; width: 38px; position: absolute}
<div class='green-leaf' style='background: #458008; position: relative; width: 200px; height: 200px' >
<div id='ani3_bar0' style='background: #FF621D; left: 0; top:0'></div>
<div id='ani3_bar1' style='background: #B1D02C; left: 0; top:160px'></div>
<div id='ani3_bar2' style='background: #D5FA6F; left: 160px; top:160px'></div>
<div id='ani3_bar3' style='background: #89C128; left: 160px; top:0'></div>
<div id='ani3_bar4' style='background: #B42002; left: 80px; top:80px'></div>
<input class='button' id='ani3_select' type='button' value='Select divs'>
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